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Aircraft Information for DAYBE

Basic Information

No Images Available Type: Bombardier CRJ700(CRJ7) Range: 1434miles
Max Cargo: 0 kg Max Passengers: 78pax
Weight: 41000 kg Weight: 41000 kg Max Cruise Alt: 514ft
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Detailed Information

Average fuel use per flight: 3,771 kg Total fuel used: 15084.09 kg Fuel consumption rate: 7.49 kg/mile
Average Flight Distance per flight: 7.49miles Total Flight Distance: 2014miles Average Revenue: €482644.1
Total Revenue: €1930576.4 Total Expenses: €0 Date of Purchase: Thursday 01 January 1970

Most recent flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Pilot In Command Distance Revenue Landing Rate
GBC 454 LTAC EDDF Marcel Neumann 1187miles €47067.5 0 ft/min
GBC 603 EKCH LSZH Alexander Eichler 513miles €22229.6 -516 ft/min
GBC 7 LOWI LSZH Benjamin-Christian Krebs 114miles €11339.3 -171 ft/min
GBC 9124 LOWW LJPZ Benjamin-Christian Krebs 200miles €1849940 -77 ft/min

Scheduled Flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Dep time Arr time Distance Flight Duration

Aircraft Rentability