New Goldberg Design

Dear pilots,

You are not yet a pilot with us? Then it is time now, because ...

The time has finally come, after long and hard work by the volunteer employees of AirGOLDBERG, we can announce the new design today.

Our previous combination consisted of Wordpress in connection with phpvms and a design called BlueIce, even if this had to be changed a lot.

WordPress is no longer used with the release, instead we use a custom style, which is so unique and works in the background directly with our crew page.

Our crew page continues to rely on phpVMS, here we have also introduced a completely new design, which adapts to the AirGOLDBERG branding in the main colors gold and blue.

The release is expected on Sunday, July 18th. be around 6 p.m.

During this time there may be minor restrictions, especially in the visual display of some tools.

The future public website will be, the previously used remains reserved for the Crew Center.

At the moment it is still the case that information for guests (fleet, statistics, ACARS map and co) was also disclosed on the crew page. This will no longer be possible with the release, as this information will be relocated to

If you have any questions / suggestions or criticism, you can contact us at any time via



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Posted By: Vincent Bomers

News Id: 26 posted on 2021-07-18 01:32:28