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Posted by Sebastian Sattler on Fri/04/2021



The Ops Department is glad to announce our new Flight schedule. The first Ideas were developed for 4 months and today we are happy to release them.

The Flight Number System

Routes from Hub to HUB

  • GBG1-100


  • SH GBG1001-1999
  • LH GBG101- 200


  • SH GBG2001-2999
  • LH GBG201- 300


  • SH GBG3001-3999
  • LH GBG301- 400


  • SH GBG4001-4999
  • LH GBG401- 500


  • SH GBG5001-5999
  • LH GBG501- 600


  • SH GBG6001-6999
  • LH GBG601- 700

Over whole, there are more than 880 Routes in the System Enjoy flying,

OPS Department

Posted by David Kuess on Wed/04/2021

Summer Schedules Event

Dear VA Pilots,
Together with the Operations Department we proudly Announce our Summer Destination Schedule!
From 1st May you will be able to Transport our Customers to many Different Holiday locations across Europe!
Together with the start of the new schedule we invite you to join us a week later on the Rediscover Spain Event.
On this Event we are going to check out one of our new Destinations LEVC-Vallencia. Vallencia is a beautiful Town in South-Western Spain with a amazing Coastline and numerous Beaches.
Date: 08.05.2021
Every Pilot who will take part at this stunning Event will be awarded with the Summer Schedule Event Award
You should be at least 30 min prior to the ETOB at our TS3 Channel

Posted by Vincent Bomers on Sun/04/2021

New Operations Assistant Director

Dear pilots,

The VA management can announce today that Jonas Groß previously active as Operations Advisor 2, has now been promoted to the position of Operations Assistant Director and will therefore lead the Operations Department together with Sebastian.

We would like to thank Jonas for his commitment and wish him a lot of fun in his new tasks and challenges.

Best regards

Posted by Vincent Bomers on Wed/04/2021

Everyone can, nobody has to!

Dear pilots,
When we founded the VA in October 2020, one thing was 100% certain, we are and we will remain free, our aim is to offer the best possible service and the quality that goes with it.

We have therefore placed a PayPal donation button on the website, as we also have running costs, including server costs, and we also want to keep the VA on a technically high-quality level and this is occasionally accompanied by investments.

Everyone can donate, but nobody has to.
We would still be happy to participate.

Best regards

Posted by Vincent Bomers on Wed/04/2021

New VA Organigramm released

Hello dear pilots,
With effect from April 21st our VA organization chart has come into force.
This is intended to provide an overview of the organization within the VA.


Have a nice start to the day