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Pilots: 43
Total Airline Hours: 846
Flights: 330
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 275,934
Aircraft: 28
Passengers: 55,536
Routes: 542

Jan 2021 Top Landings

Mario M.A321-5 ft/min
Alexander E.A320-37 ft/min
Jamie-David W.H850-55 ft/min
Jamie-David W.A321-96 ft/min
Mario M.A320-100 ft/min

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Posted by Sebastian Sattler on Sat/01/2021

100 Days in Operation

Dear Pilots,


Airgoldberg has flown for 100 days. At this event, we are going to celebrate this. We will fly from Vienna to Palma de Mallorca. The event takes place at our Teamspeak 3 ( server. Be sure that you are 30 Minutes before ETOB on the Teamspeak server. If you join us at the Event you will get the "100 Days in Operation" Award.


Event Department

Posted by Vincent Bomers on Thu/12/2020

Happy new Year 2021

Dear Pilots,

On behalf of AirGOLDBERG, we wish all pilots a happy new year 2021, good luck, health and drive for the coming year.

Together with you we will bring the airline forward and develop it further.
We look forward to more years with you!

Thank you for your trust



Posted by Sebastian Sattler on Sun/12/2020

Groupflight LGKO-LOWI

Dear Pilots,

At our last event in 2020 we will fly from Kos to Innsbruck.That\'s why this event has the motto "THE FINAL FLIGHT" Our flight will start on December 27th, 2020.

The event will take place at our Teamspeak 3 Server. (TS IP:\r\nFor flying at this Event you will get the "FINAL FLIGHT AWARD"


Best regards your AirGoldberg Event Department.

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GBC9999Jamie-David WuestenhagenLOWSEDDNB737-80000.38-224 ft/m Accepted
GBC9999Jamie-David WuestenhagenEDDPLOWSB737-70001.11-239 ft/m Accepted
GBC43Mario MendelEDDKEDDMA320-20001.02-175 ft/m Accepted
GBC43Mario MendelLOWSLOWIA320-20000.39-367 ft/m Accepted
GBC43Mario MendelLSZHEDDKA320-20001.05-185 ft/m Accepted

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GBC44 - Merlin
GBG43 - Mario
GBG42 - Niklas
GBG41 - Adam
GBG40 - Simon

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Emil Trzebin Dezember 2020
Alexander Eichler November 2020
Vincent Bomers Oktober 2020

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