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Pilots: 45
Total Airline Hours: 1,041
Flights: 441
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 368,482
Aircraft: 28
Passengers: 75,377
Routes: 567

Feb 2021 Top Landings

Benjamin-Christian K.A319-27 ft/min
Marcel N.TBM -35 ft/min
Vincent B.B772-55 ft/min
Benjamin-Christian K.A319-70 ft/min
Mario M.A320-83 ft/min

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SimBrief API

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Posted by Sebastian Sattler on Tue/02/2021

Atlantic Crossing Westbound | LOWW-KBOS |

Hello Pilots.

This weekend on the 28.01.2021 at 11z we will cross the North Atlantic. Our Flight will start in Vienna (LOWW) and will end in Boston (KBOS). The flight time is around 8 till 9 hours. This event will take place on IVAO. It is Mandatory to now the Oceanic procedure. If you don't know ask us on our TS or check the IVAO Docs: Be sure that you are 30 mins Before ETOB on our Teamspeak 3 Server ( If you are a part of the event you will get the Atlantic Crossing Event Award.

Posted by Benjamin-Christian Krebs on Wed/02/2021

Integrated SimBrief API

We are glad to announce the release of our integrated SimBrief API. This means you can now complete your whole flight planning within the crew website.


How it works:

1.) visit and login with your credentials.

2.) Open the flight Schedule (top menu -> operations -> schedules) and book a flight

3.) On the right side of the table, you'll find "SimBrief". Click on "Generate Briefing"

4.) This opens an additional tab with all your flight details. Click now on "Generate Simbrief Flightplan"


Once SimBrief completed the loading process you will receive a full simbrief flight briefing which can also be exported. If you want to change the parameters of the flight you can edit the briefing after creation on under "Dispatch -> MyFlightplan"


We wish you a fabulous flight experience

Your AirGoldberg Team

Posted by Sebastian Sattler on Sat/01/2021

100 Days in Operation

Dear Pilots,


Airgoldberg has flown for 100 days. At this event, we are going to celebrate this. We will fly from Vienna to Palma de Mallorca. The event takes place at our Teamspeak 3 ( server. Be sure that you are 30 Minutes before ETOB on the Teamspeak server. If you join us at the Event you will get the "100 Days in Operation" Award.


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GBC433Mario MendelOMDBENTCA320-20008.43-129 ft/m Accepted
GBC433Mario MendelOMDBENTCA320-20008.04-101 ft/m Accepted
GBC79Alexander EichlerLOWWLOWSA330-20000.47-263 ft/m Accepted
GBC715Alexander EichlerLOWWENBRA320-20002.48-161 ft/m Accepted
GBC432Mario MendelENTCOMDBA320-20009.41-321 ft/m Accepted

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GBG47 - David Günther
GBG46 - Leon
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GBC44 - Merlin
GBG43 - Mario

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Mario Mendel January 2021
Emil Trzebin Dezember 2020
Alexander Eichler November 2020

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GBG0043 Mario has filed a PIREP from OMDB to ENTC View Flight Report

GBG0043 Mario has filed a PIREP from OMDB to ENTC View Flight Report

GBG0015 Alexander has filed a PIREP from LOWW to LOWS View Flight Report

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