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Pilots: 56
Total Airline Hours: 1,761
Flights: 740
Flights Today: 2
Miles Flown: 617,463
Aircraft: 29
Passengers: 120,176
Routes: 890
Airports: 5135

Jun 2021 Top Landings

Jonas G.B752-58 ft/min
Leandro M.B752-63 ft/min
Leandro M.B738-70 ft/min
Leandro M.A319-80 ft/min
Jonas G.B752-105 ft/min

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Posted by Vincent Bomers on Mon/06/2021

Airplane repainter wanted



Can you make airplane repaints?

Then you might be the right one for us,

The AirGOLDBERG Virtual is looking for a repainter for our liveries, if you are interested, you can contact us




Best wishes



Posted by David Kuess on Sun/05/2021

Air Goldberg Event Umfrage / Air Goldberg Event Survey

Liebe VA Kollegen!

Wie beim Member Meeting besprochen haben wir uns vom Event Department ein paar kurze Fragen ausgedacht mit denen wir  gerne eure Wünsche für Events erfragen und einbinden möchten.

Die Umfrage ist anonym und dauert ca. 5 Minuten. Am Ende werde wir das Ergebnis in einem Debrief veröffentlichen.



Bis zum 30.06.2021 besteht die Möglichkeit an der Umfrage teilzunehmen.

Bei Fragen könnt ihr jederzeit das Event Department kontaktieren. 

Wir bitten um zahlreiche Teilnahme,
David und Marcel

Event Department



Dear VA Colleagues,

As Mentioned in the VA Member Meeting the Event Department would like to take a Survey about what do you like/prefer for upcoming Events. The Survey completely anonymous and is about to take 5 minutes. Deadline is the 30th June 2021.

Thereafter we will go through your answers and publish the Result as Debrief like in the Last Event.



If you have any questions or concerns about the Survey don't hesitate to contact the Event Department. 

Please support us with many Entries :-) 
David und Marcel  
Event Department

Posted by Sebastian Sattler on Fri/04/2021



The Ops Department is glad to announce our new Flight schedule. The first Ideas were developed for 4 months and today we are happy to release them.

The Flight Number System

Routes from Hub to HUB

  • GBG1-100


  • SH GBG1001-1999
  • LH GBG101- 200


  • SH GBG2001-2999
  • LH GBG201- 300


  • SH GBG3001-3999
  • LH GBG301- 400


  • SH GBG4001-4999
  • LH GBG401- 500


  • SH GBG5001-5999
  • LH GBG501- 600


  • SH GBG6001-6999
  • LH GBG601- 700

Over whole, there are more than 880 Routes in the System Enjoy flying,

OPS Department

Live Flights Large Map

Recent Flights (last 5)

GBC13Jonas GroßEDDFENVAB757-20002.04-359 ft/mPending
GBG2065David KuessLOWWGCTSA321-20005.250 ft/m Accepted
GBC458Mario MendelLKPREDDBA320-20000.45-170 ft/m Accepted
GBC457Mario MendelEDDBLKPRA320-20001.01-188 ft/m Accepted
GBC13Jonas GroßLOWSEDDMB757-20000.2468 ft/m Accepted

Newest Pilots

GBG58 - Jun-Rui
GBG57 - Tina
GBG56 - Enrico
GBG55 - Finn
GBG54 - Marcel

Pilots Online

There have been 2 user(s), and 99 guest(s) online in the past 20 minutes.

Jonas Germany
Sebastian Austria

Landing Champions

Pilot Month
Vincent Bomers May 2021
Jonas Groß April 2021
Jonas Groß March 2021

Recent Activity

GBG0013 Jonas has filed a PIREP from EDDF to ENVA View Flight Report

GBG0047 David has filed a PIREP from LOWW to GCTS View Flight Report

GBG0043 Mario has filed a PIREP from LKPR to EDDB View Flight Report


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